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Tribal Colleges and Universities:
How This Course Series Benefits You

"Should be required for all tribal college faculty and staff whose job it is to educate tribal citizens."

-- Tribal college instructor                     

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Designed specifically for use by tribal colleges and universities, the Rebuilding Native Nations course series examines the critical governance and development challenges facing Native nations and explores what is working, what isn't, and why as Native nations move aggressively to reclaim control over their own affairs and create vibrant futures of their own design. 

A growing number of tribal colleges and universities are already using select Rebuilding Native Nations courses to enrich their curricula and build their institutional and human resource capacity. Below are just some of the ways they are using the courses:

  • providing them as professional development options for faculty and staff who wish to enhance their understanding of - and ability to teach - about Native nation building and related topics
  • integrating them  as "video textbooks" into their own existing courses on Native nation governance, economic development, tribal administration, and related subjects.
  • adding them to their academic catalogues as stand-alone, for-credit course offerings for both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students.
  • offering them as adult education options for Native nation citizens and others who are interested in learning about nation building

Each of the eight courses is designed for individual, self-paced learning; however, each course also contains group learning activities designed to provide participants taking the courses as part of a group the opportunity to collectively apply what they’ve learned to their own nations, positions, and responsibilities. Upon completing a course, participants receive an official certificate of completion.

NNI has developed customized, affordable licensing agreements for tribal colleges and universities. To learn more, please click here or call 877-508-4442.   

Tribal Colleges and Universities Who Have Used/Are Using the Curriculum

  • Blackfeet Community College
  • College of Menominee Nation
  • Comanche Nation College
  • Fort Berthold Community College
  • Leech Lake Tribal College
  • Nebraska Indian Community College
  • Northwest Indian College
  • Salish Kootenai College
  • Tohono O’odham Community College

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* Tribal colleges and universities will benefit from integrating all of the “Rebuilding Native Nations” course offerings into their curricula, but the above courses are particularly useful given the ages and educational attainment levels of the students that they typically serve.