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COURSE: Introduction to Native Nation Building

Featured Module:
Introduction to Native Nation Building

Course Instructors:

Dr. Stephen Cornell, Faculty Chair, Native Nations Institute

Estimated Learning Time: 4 to 6 hours
Deadline to Complete Course: Three (3) weeks from date of enrollment
Price: $75.00

Course Study Guide

This course surveys the nation-rebuilding efforts of Native nations today, and compares and contrasts the two approaches to economic and community development that they typically pursue. It presents the five critical keys to successful nation building, and begins to explore why these each of these keys is so important to sustainable economic and community development.

List of Featured Native Leaders and Scholars


By the end of this course, students will understand:

• The basic political and socioeconomic challenges facing Native nations today
• Why the Standard Approach is a failed recipe for successful Native nation building
• The five components of the Nation-Building Approach and why Native nations who choose this approach are better able to achieve their development goals


1. What is nation building?
2. What explains the success that some Native nations have had in building sustainable, self-determined economies?
3. What are the fundamental differences between the Standard Approach and the Nation-Building Approach, and why does one work so much better than the other?
4. Why are capable governing institutions so critical to successful nation building?
5. What role does and should culture play in rebuilding Native nations?

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