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NNI Resources & Services

The Native Nations Institute (NNI) offers a comprehensive array of resources and services designed to inform and support the nation-building efforts of Native nations in the United States, Canada, and beyond. These include:


Indigenous Governance Database

The Indigenous Governance Database is an online resource center for Native nation leaders, key decision-makers, employees, citizens, and others in search of educational and informational resources about nation building, sovereignty, governance, leadership, and sustainable economic and community development in Indigenous country.

Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs (JOPNA) Series

Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs (JOPNA) is a joint venture of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development at Harvard University and the Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management, and Policy at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona. The series grew from the desire to put the Harvard Project’s and Native Nations Institute’s premier academic research and policy reports together in one place. To learn more about the JOPNA series, click here >

“Native Nation Building” TV and Radio Series

This ground-breaking television/radio series is designed to provide critical information to the leaders of Native nations, students in tribal colleges and other educational institutions, and other interested individuals about what’s working and what’s not among Native nations as they engage in the difficult and daunting challenge of nation building.

The series consists of 10 thematic interviews (each 30 minutes long) with Native leaders and scholars that chronicle the growing number of nation-building success stories and examine the roots of their success. To learn more about the TV and radio series, click here >

NNI Films

The Native Nations Institute recently produced its first documentary film Return of the Red Lake Walleye, which chronicles the extraordinary effort of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians—working together with the State of Minnesota and the federal government—to bring back the culturally vital walleye from the brink of extinction and restore it to health in Red Lake. It examines how the Band and State overcame decades of bad blood to forge an innovative public policy solution that puts cooperation before conflict and science before politics, fueling an amazing recovery that has defied the odds.

A compelling example of tribal sovereignty in practice, Return of the Red Lake Walleye documents the significance of the walleye’s return for the Red Lake community, its people, the tribe as a whole, and those generations yet to come.

To learn more about NNI and the other products and services it provides to Native nations and peoples, click here >


Executive Education

NNI provides executive education seminars on Native nation building, governance and leadership to Native nation leaders, administrators and key decision-makers through its partner organizations.

Strategic and Organizational Development Services

NNI provides Native nations with a range of governance assessment and strategic and organizational development services through its partner organizations.