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Course Testimonials:
What Did You Think of the Rebuilding Native Nations Course?

Below is a sampling of the feedback we have received from those individuals who have taken one of the Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development courses offered by the Native Nations Institute.

Current and former elected Native nation leaders

“A solid foundation for the building of strong tribal governments.”

“Elected officials will benefit greatly from this course.”

“Nation-building principles are important to know and understand in order to mobilize positive community change.”

“This course does a good job sharing what other tribal leaders have encountered as they engage in nation building.”

“This course is not only for elected leaders, but up-and-coming tribal leaders as well as project coordinators, planners, economic development directors, tribal administrators, and students.”

“A guide to assist tribes in developing a plan for the future.”

"I thought the format was fantastic!  It was a great combination of lecture, reading and accounts from Tribal leaders. The video of Tribal leaders provided credibility to the course, which is something that is often lacking in academics when Native Nations are the subject. I already have plans to use this course series in my own Nation!"

"Very enlightening! I can't wait to discuss it with my colleagues."

Tribal college and university educators and administrators

“A valuable learning tool for Native nations.”

“Should be required for all tribal college faculty and staff who teach tribal citizens.”

“It provides tribal colleges with the ability to reach audiences that may be disenfranchised by tribal government.”

“Illustrates how a nation can be successful and retain its culture.”

“The course content is vitally important to Indian Country.”

“I am completely motivated and intrigued.”

Native nation governmental employees

“Our [tribal] departments need this course.”

“It gives us a gauge of where we are and where we could be.”

“A wealth of information brought together in one cohesive and coherent course.”

“A good self-assessment tool.”

“Practical information that can be put to use immediately.”

“Provides an overall map or vision of what successful nation building is and how to achieve it.”

Native nation citizens

“It makes you understand that nation building is not an overnight thing.”

“The course drills down into the heart of many issues that American Indians face today.”

“Inspiring for individuals who are looking to make a change.”

“Every tribal member can benefit from the information.”

“It gives us hope.”

“Before taking this course, I wondered if our tribe could be successful. Now I know we can.”